Our Mudroom Renovation Plans

Guys, I am SO EXCITED for PHASE 2 of this renovation! Our mudroom, downstairs bathroom, and laundry room/butler’s pantry: 3 rooms, about 300 square feet… And we’re gutting all of it.

I have always had a weird obsession with mudrooms + multi-purpose entry spaces. When we first looked at the photos of this house online, I remember yelling “IT HAS A MUDROOM” and when we saw it in person, I knew it had so much potential behind its puke green walls and cream linoleum floors.

GOAL: Give this space an English cottage feel. Earthy, soothing, classic, clean.

FINISHES: Dark slate flooring. Walnut cabinetry. White handmade shower tile. Vintage art + vintage rugs. Brass accents. Modern lighting.

IN ALL 3 spaces:

– Tearing out and replacing ALL subfloor 
– Tearing out and replacing ALL plumbing
– Adding waterproofing membrane to subfloor
– New slate flooring throughout!!!
– New paint, crown moulding, baseboards, trim, light fixtures, etc. etc. 

– Installing + tiling a new shower using a Schluter system
– Replacing drywall
– Hanging a new ceiling
– Building a vanity
– Replacing toilet, sink, all fixtures
– Adding a vent fan (some possibly complicated ductwork and electrical involved)

– Hanging a new ceiling
– New ikea cabinetry 
– Building our own cabinet doors and trim
– New countertops + “countertop surround” for washer/dryer
– Plumbing in a sink

– Adding a planked wall + ceiling treatment


So there you have it!! We’re planning on spending about 3 months on this project and starting SOON (Feb – April 2021)…. so check back for updates!

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