Hey there!

We’re Lindsay + Tyler, and in 2019 we moved to a teeny tiny town in Tennessee to renovate a house that is slowly becoming our dream home!

We love all things earthy, neutral, cottage-y and hygge, and when we’re not struggling through a new DIY, we’re backpacking, traveling, or smothering our dog/firstborn child, Lily!

Follow along for technical walkthroughs of all our home DIYS, and honest explanations of our successes and failures – there have been plenty of both!

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How Much Did Our Kitchen Renovation Cost

IT. IS. TIME. If this is your first time on the blog, welcome! Back in early 2020, we gutted our kitchen just a few months after moving into our house. You can see all the before and afters here, but this post is gonna be ALL about the money!! I’ve gotten some (very polite!) messages…


I can’t believe how far we’ve come. This process has been simultaneously one of the most stressful experiences of my life, and also one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. If you’re looking for all our kitchen sources + our EXACT budget, you can find that in THIS post! I’m writing this post…

How To Paint Semihandmade Cabinet Doors

This is a pretty long, technical post, so we’re jumping right in for this one without much of an intro: if you want to know how to paint Semihandmade Doors for Ikea cabinets, we’ve got EVERYTHING you need right here! HOW TO PAINT SEMIHANDMADE CABINET DOORS MATERIALS PPG Breakthrough 250 in Satin, or “V50” finish…